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The INDUSEM partnership exists at many levels and in many areas.

In the field of HealthCare this collaboration began initially as an academic effort by Emergency Physicians from the University of South Florida and SUNY Downstate in the United States and All India Institute of Medical Sciences along with Baroda Medical College-SSG Hospital in India.

Initially Focused on developing Academic Emergency Medicine and Trauma Sciences today this partnership has expanded beyond the founders and enjoys the support of Innovators, Institutions and International Agencies across the World with a broadened focus on Advancing Health and Medicine.

INDUSEM is an ACEE-INDIA Initiative which is a Voluntary Mission which brings together academic innovators who work collaboratively and creatively to advance science and knowledge.

Over the years INDUSEM Leaders have used in majority their personal resources and quality expertise to advance health via education, research and quality patient care.

Sustaining Public Health and Policy Development is an important part of this creative endeavor.

Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship are key fundamentals for growth and INDUSEM believes in fostering progress of individuals and the institutions of Innovation.

The collaborative promotes exchange of knowledge and mutual development between Academic institutions, individuals and agencies in India, United States and the World.

Please review our work and Please join us, email us and we look forward to hearing from you.