INDUS-EM is a coalition of Global Partners Lead by USF, SUNY, AIIMS & Baroda Medical College in partnership with MCI Recognized Medical Colleges of India.
All India Institute of Medical Sciences –Emergency Medicine

aiimsSituated in New Delhi, AIIMS is a world renowned institution & is the top medical school of India (India Today, June 2005). Known for its research and education expertise, AIIMS has been at the forefront of revolutionizing patient care in India. Developing Academic & Clinical Emergency Medicine is one of its’ frontline goals. The Division of Emergency Medicine boasts of over 60 doctors and patient load of over 1,50,000 patients per year. It intends to start international exchange programs & a residency in Emergency Medicine. AIIMS-EM aims to play leadership role for developing emergency medicine in the developing world.


University of South Florida – Emergency Medicine

usfUSF-EM is one of the youngest academic EM programs in the world. It has expertise in developing Global EM via its faculty assets. Situated at Tampa General Hospital the USF-EM boast managing over 70,000 patients per year with over 20 academic faculties and 18 residents. This conference will be co-sponsored by the Division of Emergency Medicine at the University of South Florida, USA. USF-EM has intent to play a vital role in supporting the movement to develop academic Emergency Medicine in India.



Baroda Medical College-SSG Hospital, Gujarat, India

barodamedicalcollegeFounded on 16th June 1946 Medical College, Baroda is a premier medical institution in Western India. Over six decades BMC has produced the best of the medical graduates and postgraduates who occupy prestigious leadership and academic positions in India, UK, USA and Africa. Well known for their academicism and high standards of medical education, it is one of the leading centers of excellence whose research is funded by the Indian Council of Medical Research and the National Institutes of Health. Recently in 2007 BMC was awarded the Prestigious NIH-Fogarty Research Training Grant to create experts and infrastructure for Research in Adolescent HIV. Baroda Medical College is not only a center for learning to medical Students but also has programs for post graduates and researchers.

In western India it is the only Medical College to have taken extra effort to develop a post graduate program and a faculty development program in Emergency Medicine and Trauma. It has been a part of the INDO-US Collaboration since inception and enjoys strong support of the government and its alumni all over the world.


State University of New York, USA

sunydownstatelogoThe SUNY Downstate Emergency Medicine-Kings County Hospital is a medical school based, academic program that is committed to training competent and compassionate physicians who can manage all aspects of emergency medical care, and who feel at ease in the most challenging circumstances that our profession affords.

The program at Kings County offers unparalleled training in evidence-based medicine and cultivates leadership potential. The primary training site is a large level-one urban trauma center located in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. Kings County Hospital was founded in 1831 and has served generations of immigrants who have arrived in this country in the last century and continue to arrive to this day.  The Department of Emergency medicine is a National Leader in fields of Disaster Management, Ultrasound, Simulation Technology, Resuscitation protocols and academic research. SUNY has committed itself to the INDUS-EM collaboration in the effort to foster academic acute Care in India.


Drs. Kiran and Pallavi Patel Foundation for Global Understanding

patel_foundationDrs. Kiran and Pallavi Patel, are philanthropists who believe that through the platform of INDUSEM they can help bring the Science in India and USA closer to Better patient care and overall Health.

The Patel family has earned a reputation for developing and funding a variety of programs in health, education, arts and culture, both locally and around the world through the Drs. Kiran & Pallavi Patel Foundation for Global Understanding.

The family’s philanthropic endeavors include significant donations in the Tampa Bay area which include – contribution to the University of South Florida Charter School in 2003, The Dr. Kiran C. Patel Research Institute in Tampa, The Dr. Pallavi Patel Performing Arts Conservatory at the Straz Center. The Dr. Kiran C. Patel School of Global Sustainability was created at the University of South Florida, to fulfill their vision to develop real Sustainability solutions for the future. In 2012 the foundation announced additional donation to create the College of Global Sustainability.

Internationally, the Foundation sponsored heart surgeries for Tanzanian children at a hospital in India and also built a Hospice center for HIV patients in Zambia. In India, the Foundation has been operating a 1,200 student school – “C.A. Patel Learning Institute” at Patel’s father’s village of Mota Fofalia. The school provides higher education opportunities to children from rural areas of Gujarat. The foundation has built and is operating a huge charity hospital in Mota Fofalia since 1998 and has recently added a state-of-the-art pediatric hospital. The foundation have also rebuilt four hospitals post earthquake in Gujarat in 2001.