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India’s First Internationally Acclaimed Open Access PubMed Journal in Global Infectious Disease Medicine – The Journal of Global Infectious Diseases has now entered its 10th Year of Publication.

Millions of Hours of work, Thousands of Readers, Hundreds of Reviewers, Authors and Contributors and 10 Years……What a Remarkable Accomplishment !

INDUSEM Leadership envisioned in 2008 that India needed a Scientific Journal in Infectious Diseases.

Global Infections was an ignored field back then and a Scientific Journal was key to forward India’s Academic Agenda.

It was then that INDUSEM invested efforts, resources and strategies to develop a Journal which would have a Global Presence and International Reputation. INDUSEM Joined hands with Medknow Publications to launch JGID.

Medknow Publications became a part of Wolters Kluwer Health and JGID got the Increased Global Presence.

JGID was born in 2009 and its 2018 and the Volume is Number 10. Today JGID is one of the Top Journals respected worldwide and the only one which interconnects Clinical Medicine, Basic Sciences and Public Health across Continents. That is a Unique Accomplishment. It is supported by the OPUS12 Foundation which gives JGID the needed backbone towards accomplishing technical expertise and sustaining scientific credibility.

Global Infections like ZIKA and EBOLA have reminded us that no country is immune to infections. Global Infectious Emergencies are a constant threat to the world.

“We at INDUSEM are Happy, Proud and Accomplished. In past 10 Years we have grown from one journal to four Journals and by 2020 we wish to have a Fleet of Multiple Journals.

The INDUSEM Team has developed special talent and expertise in developing Open Access Publications and the Next Decade will portray the growth of INDUSEM Journals.

INDUSEM stands for Legitimate Development of Academics and Academicians with a firm Focus on Quality and Patient Centered Education, Research and Care.

Congratulations to the whole Team which includes Readers, Reviewers, Publishers, Authors and Promotors” Said Dr. Sagar Galwankar, CEO of INDUSEM in his Remarks of Success.

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The INDUSEM mission is to envision and implement the future of Patient Care across the world. The partnership brings together Expert Educators, Inquisitive Innovators and Physicians supporting Safe Patient Care across India, United States and the World. INDUSEM is the Top International Partnership across the World and brings together Institutions, Individuals and Initiatives focused on improving patient care globally. Till date INDUSEM has reached over 50,000 Experts and its reach continues to grow daily. For more information, visit www.indusem.org

About WK-Medknow:

Medknow, part of Wolters Kluwer Health, is one of the largest open access publishers worldwide with more than 300+ medical journals in its portfolio. Students, researchers, clinicians and other healthcare professionals worldwide access Medknow journals to help them fuel new discoveries and improve patient care.Founded in 1997, Medknow is a well-respected medical publisher that fully supports many of the popular open access models through its peer-review management system. Medknow pioneers in the ‘fee-less-free’ model and provides immediate free access to the electronic editions of the journals without charging the author or author’s institution for submission, processing or publication of the articles. Medknow’s open access policy has resulted in more than a half a million article downloads monthly for all of its journals.Wolters Kluwer Health (Philadelphia, PA) is a leading global provider of information, business intelligence and point-of-care solutions for the healthcare industry. Serving more than 150 countries and territories worldwide, Wolters Kluwer Health’s customers include professionals, institutions and students in medicine, nursing, allied health and pharmacy. Major brands include Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Ovid®, UpToDate®, Medi-Span®, Facts & Comparisons®, Pharmacy OneSource®, Lexicomp® and ProVation® Medical. Wolters Kluwer Health is part of Wolters Kluwer, a market-leading global information services company with annual revenues (2011) of €3.4 billion ($4.7 billion), approximately 19,000 employees worldwide and operations in over 40 countries across Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. For more information www.medknow.com

About The Journal of Global Infectious Diseases

Journal of Global Infectious Diseases (JGID) is an international peer-reviewed journal is affiliated to INDUSEM and OPUS 12 Foundation, Inc. The mission of JGID is to promote and publish infectious diseases research in areas of basic sciences, clinical medicine and public health.

JGID encourages research, education and dissemination of knowledge in the field of Infectious Diseases across the world thus promoting translational research by striking a synergy between basic science, clinical medicine and public health. The Journal intends to bring together scientists and academicians in Infectious Diseases to promote translational synergy between Laboratory Science, Clinical Medicine and Public Health. The Journal invites Original Articles, Clinical Investigations, Epidemiological Analysis, Data Protocols, Case Reports, Clinical Photographs, review articles and special commentaries. Students, Residents, Academicians, Public Health experts and scientists are all encouraged to be a part of this initiative by contributing, reviewing and promoting scientific works and science. For More Information: www.jgid.org

About OPUS12:

OPUS12 Leaders are dedicated to medical research, scientific review, and related educational activities. Their expertise includes value-based healthcare, patient safety, and specialty-specific academic endeavors. Finally, recognizing that the role as research leaders is not complete without leaving a permanent legacy to those who follow in our footsteps, they develop and implement medical education, review programs, and other scholarly activities. OPUS12 recognizes that being a researcher entails a leadership role, and we encourage multi-disciplinary activities and discussion panels that incorporate physicians, scientists, and other professionals to discuss major issues and crises facing our society and our world. For More Information: www.opus12.org