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The Emergency Medicine Association in partnership with The Department of Emergency Medicine at AIIMS, New Delhi successfully conducted the Second Annual Quiz on Emergency Medicine called EM-IQ (Interactive Quiz).

EM-iQ is slated to be an annual event and is a unique academic activity for MBBS students and interns studying in various medical colleges.

The Quiz took place on 10th March in AIIMS, New Delhi. The quiz had a participation of over100 budding young minds from top medical colleges of the region. The vision behind the event was to introduce the undergraduates to the exciting and innovative new specialty of Emergency Medicine in the capital.

The quiz witnessed an overwhelming response from participants of various colleges like AIIMS, MAMC, VMMC and LHMC.Dr. Praveen Aggarwal, Head, Department of Emergency Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi engaged the audience with his words of wisdom. The four-hour session was divided into multiple exciting rounds.

In order to find the best 5 teams for the main quiz, prelims were conducted over 3 rounds, after which 25 teams were sequentially screened out.The competition was tough making the elimination process challenging.

Five teams qualified for the exciting final show. The finals comprised of 4 interactive rounds namely ‘Ask me anything’, ‘Connecting the dots’, ‘Dumb charades’ and ending with the Rapid-fire round. The final rounds were facilitated by Dr. Naman Agrawal, EMA Secretary of the North Zone, and he was assisted by Dr. Roshan Mathew, PGY3 Department of Emergency Medicine, AIIMS. The final event showcased the knowledge of participants in emergency medicine at its best. The teams from AIIMS came out as the winners and runner up. The organizing team with Dr. Amrithan and VT (PGY2) as chief coordinator, with other residents and faculty from department of Emergency Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi worked hard to make this event so exciting and successful. The successful mega-event will pump up more enthusiasm for participants in future and shall encourage more events in coming years in various Indian states as well as nationally.

Participants’ testimonials

Dr. Apoorva Kabra, intern, AIIMS, New Delhi

The questions of the quiz were a great learning experience and I learnt quite a few new points throughout the quiz. The whole new experience of answering it first, answering it fast and answering it right was a true reflection of the emergency medicine!

Dr. Shahrukh khan, Resident, AIIMS, New Delhi

An innovative and great experience to introduce medical candidates to the world of emergency medicine, with witty questions and engaging organizing team the quiz was truly a mind tickling experience to enjoying. Looking forward to the next one.

Dr. Sarvesh Goel, MBBS Graduate, MAMC

Extremely challenging, mind boggling, enthralling informative quiz filling the participants with enthusiasm

Rohan Goel, Intern, AIIMS, New Delhi

EM-iQ 2.0 was a really nice and interesting event organized by our Emergency Department. The quiz ‘had it all’ ranging from good thought provoking and practical questions to a creative way of asking them, adding to the thrill and excitement. Rounds and the selection process were well organized. Apart from minor glitches here and there, I had a really great experience participating and experiencing some adrenaline rush and wonderful quizzing. Congratulations to the organizers for creating this unique model.

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