The Academic College of Emergency Experts in India
INDUSEM Summit Key Note Address – Shri. Tarseem Garg Endowed Oration-Instituted in 2005:

The Annual INDUSEM Summit Key Note Address is dedicated to the Leadership of Shri Tarseem Garg Honorable Chancellor of the Maharishi Markandeshwar University Mullana, India. It is awarded annually and the recipient of this honor is an academician who has made a niche for himself by conducting research and education in an upcoming area of Emergency Medicine and Trauma Care.


Dr. O’Keefe (2005, 2006) from the University of South Florida, USA: Delivered the Orations on Developing Academic Emergency Medicine Departments and Role of International Partnerships.

Dr. Tracy Sanson (2007, 2008) from the University of South Florida, USA: Delivered the Orations on Leadership Roles in Academic Emergency Medicine Departments and Role of Leadership Training Programs in EM.

Dr. Bonnie Arquilla (2009, 2010) From the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center New York USA: Delivered the Orations on Disaster Education in Residency Programs and Hospital Preparedness for Surge Capacity during Mass Casualty Events.

Dr. Stanislaw Stawicki (2011) from The Ohio State University: Delivered the Oration on Different Strategies to Manage Shock in Trauma.

Dr. David Bahner (2012) from The Ohio State University: Delivered the Oration on Sonography and Survival in the Emergency Department.

Dr. Thomas Papadimos (2013) from The Ohio State University: Delivered the Oration on Diverse Models for Patient Safety in Health Care.

Dr. Dimitri Papanogou (2014) from The Thomas Jefferson University: Delivered the Oration on Simulation Education and Patient Safety in Academic Medicine

Dr. Mike Luccessi (2015) Chairman of SUNY Downstate Department of Emergency Medicine: Delivered the Oration on 20 Years of Experience in Leading the Development of the Largest Emergency Medicine Residency Program of the United States of America.

Dr. David Gaieski (2016) Professor and Vice-Chair from Thomas Jefferson University: Delivered the oration New and Evolving concepts in Emergency Resuscitation.

Dr. Salvatore Di Somma (2017) Professor of Emergency Medicine San Andrea Hospital, University Sapienza, Italy:Delivered the Oration on Vital Point of Care Biomarkers & Vital Organs.

Dr. Kelly P O’Keefe Academician & Researcher of the Year Award-Instituted in 2009:

Awarded to an Indian Academic Researcher this award recognizes the exemplary innovative work of Academicians India who has focused on the Development of Acute Care Science and has made an impact globally.


Dr. Syed Moied Ahmed (2009) from the Aligarh Muslim University, India for his Translational work on Airway Management and Shock.

Dr. OP Kalra (2010) from the University College of Medical Sciences, New Delhi India for his work on Acute Renal Failure and Public Health Solutions Strategies for Renal Replacement Therapies in India.

Dr. Ranabir Pal (2011) from the Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences, Sikkim for his work on building the Trauma Registry and Injury Research in Public Health in India.

Dr. Arulselvi Subramanian (2012) from the AIIMS JPN APEX Trauma Center, New Delhi for her Innovative work on Transfusion Dynamics in Trauma Shock and Coagulopathy Parameters in Indian patients.

Dr. Geetha Menon (2013) from the Indian Council for Medical Research for her landmark leadership in building the Translational Research Program at ICMR.

Dr. Angeline Neetha Radjou (2014) from the Indira Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, Puducherry, India. for her Path Breaking Research in Trauma Injury Patterns in India.

Dr. Amit Agarwal (2015) from Narayan Medical College, Nellore for Exemplary work in Brain Injury and Neurotrauma Care Research in India.

Dr. Siddharth Dubhashi (2016) from MGM University Navi Mumbai for Exemplary work in Medical Education and Surgical Skills development

Dr. Prerna Batra (2017) from UCMS Delhifor her work on Pediatric Fever in the Emergency Department.

Arogya Kiran Puraskar – Instituted in 2014:

This recognition is awarded annually to a Health Leader who has gone above & beyond to develop Health and or Policy locally and or globally.


Dr. Vikas Kapil (2014) From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention USA for his Global Leadership in building the Trauma and Emergency Public Health Program in India via the USA Partnership.

Dr. Bipin Batra (2015) Executive Director and CEO National Board of Examinations of India for Developing Health and Medicine Education Policy Nationally & Internationally.

Dr. CN Manjunath (2016) Director of Sri. Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research, Bengaluru for developing health systems for emergency and chronic cardiac care in India.

Professor Dr. Manish Garg (2017) From Temple University, USA, USAfor his Educational Work in International Medicine and Global Health.

Awards Instituted in 2015

Jan Suraksha Paritoshik:

This prize is awarded to the Individual/Institution who has demonstrated National Building Work in the arena of Injury Prevention in India.


Dr. Vivek Chauhan (2015) from the Dr. Rajendra Prasad Government Medical College, Tanda, Himachal Pradesh for his Nation Building Work in the arena of Injury Prevention in India and Leading Progress of Health Care in Himachal Pradesh.

Dr. Md. Yunus (2016) from NEIGRIHMS Shillong, Meghalaya for his nation building work in community preparedness for injury care and emergency management of patients in north eastern India.

Dr. Sandeep Sahu (2017) from SGPGI, Lucknow, Uttar PradeshPradeshfor his work on developing regional training programs on Injury Prevention.

Samajik Abhiyantrik Samman:

This award recognizes the Individual/ Institution who has lead an Initiative in the “Social Engineering” arena gearing to better the health of the population at large thus preventing disease and maintaining good health in the community in rural and or urban India.


Mr. Rohit Baluja (2015) of Institute of Road Traffic Education Center for leading a “Social Engineering” arena gearing to better the health of the population at large by teaching thousands of Truck Drivers about Road Safety Norms in India.

Dr. Vijay Shah (2016) from Gotri Medical College, Vadodara and INDU Blood Bank Gujarat for his path breaking work in Emergency Safe Blood Transfusions systems.

Dr. Prakash Baba Amte (2017) from the Lok Biradari Prakalp, Maharashtra for his life work on advancing the health and lives of tribal citizens of India.

Shiksha Samrudhi Samman:

This Honor recognizes the hard work and dedication of a Distinguished Teacher and Academician who has done path breaking work in the arena of Educational Technology and impacted the learning of students of medicine, nursing and health.


Dr. Ajai Singh (2015) From the King George Medical University Lucknow for being a Distinguished Teacher and Academician who has done path breaking work in the arena of Education & Research in Emergency Pediatric Orthopedics in India

Professor. Dr. Farzana Mahdi (2016) from Eras Lucknow Medical College & Hospital, Lucknow, India for being a distinguished leader in developing educations models using Information technology for students in medicine

Professor Dr. Sankalp Dwivedi (2017) from MM University, Ambala for his distinguished leadership in establishing the Academic Super Specialty Services in a rural area.

Jagatik Ayurvigyan Samman:

Awarded to a Scientist with International Repute this recognition honors the Path Breaking Academic Research of a Globally Renowned Scientist.


Dr. Prashant Mahajan, (2015) from the Children’s Hospital Michiganfor leading innovative and path breaking NIH Funded translational Research in Emergency Pediatrics.

Professor Dr. Moshe Michaelson (2016) (Israel)for his work in training health care providers in trauma care from around the world and also being a leading educator and researcher in the field of Emergency Injury Care.

Professor Dr. Hassan Al Thani(2017) (Qatar)for his work on developing an International Team of Academicians in Trauma and Critical Care whose research is appreciated worldwide.

Swastha Neeti Samman:

This honor recognizes the Leadership of a Physician Leader in India towards impacting National Policy.


Dr. KK Kalra, (2015) of the National Accreditation of Hospitals and Health Care Providers for leading the development of Benchmarks in Quality Health Care both Nationally and Internationally. He is a Global Leader in creating India’s Presence in the Quality HealthCare Sector across the World.

Dr. Raman Kumar (2016) of the Academy of Family Physicians of India for his leadership in advocating the cause of Qualified Family Physicians in India.

Dr. Sunil Raina (2017) of the Indian Society of Preventive and Social Medicine for his leadership in creating the Guild of Organized Medicine in India.

Swastha Jyoti Paritoshik:

This prize in particular recognizes the potential of a Young Physician/ Researcher (MD/MS/DNB/PhD) who is within 8 years post acquiring his Degree who has done landmark work in either basic science, public health or clinical medicine and impacted the health of patients and population at large.


Dr. Anuja Joshi (2015) From the Dinanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune for being a Youth Leader in the development of Patient Care Policies and Health Systems Policies in India. She leads the Policy Drafting Division in the Pradhan Bharti Cell of INDUSEM.

Dr. Bhakti Hansoti (2016) From John Hopkins University, USA for her global research and innovations work in Africa and India in arena of Emergency and Acute Care Sciences.

Dr. Shruti Chandra (2017) From the Jefferson University, USA for her International Work in the area of Simulation and Patient Safety.

Saksham Chatra Paritoshik:

This prize in makes an effort to recognize the potential of a Young Student/ Researcher in MBBS/ MSc / BSc training who has demonstrated exemplary skills and leadership in participating and progressing recognized landmark work in either basic science, public health or clinical medicine which has thus impacted the health of patients and population at large.


Dr. Vimal Krishnan Surendran Pillai (2015) from the Jubilee Mission Medical College, Thrissur, Kerala for taking national leadership in organizing post graduate emergency physicians in training across India. Dr. Pillai is the Founding Principal Secretary of the Emergency Medicine Association and India’s Primier MCI Recognized MD Recipient in Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Naman Aggarwal (2016) from AIIMS New Delhi for taking a leadership role in the propagation and advocacy of Academic Emergency Medicine in India.

Dr. Krupali Jatania (2017) from St. Johns Medical College, Bengaluru for her dedicated efforts in learning Emergency Medicine against odds of language culture and post graduate competition.

Siksha Prateek Puraskar:

Recognizes the Life Time Achievements of the Health Leaders of Modern India who guided Medical Education, Research and Patient Care Development.


Dr. VM Katoch (2015) Former Secretary and Director General of the Indian Council of Medical Research for his life time of contributions to Health Research Development, Education and Diplomacy to position India as a Health Research Leader across the World..

Professor Dr. Parwathappa Nagaraj (2016) Former Dean of SSIMS Dhavangere, Karnataka for his life time work as an Educator, Teacher and now a social reformer in rural Karnataka.

Professor Dr. ShaliniThombre (2017) for her Champion Work in developing the Department of Emergency Medicine at DY Patil University Medical College Pune.

Dr. Anandibai Gopalrao Joshee Puraskar:

This award is given to Female Physician who has impacted healthcare of patients in India. It is bestowed in the Memory of Dr. Anandi Joshi – India’s First Female Physician who was trained and qualified in Western Medicine. Her socially defining leadership makes her a women of national importance with a special place in the history of Medicine in India. INDUSEM bows to her leadership and hereby honors the Female Physicians who identify with her legacy.


Dr. Binita Shah (2015) From the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center for her life time contributions to the teaching of Pediatric Emergency Medicine in USA and India. Dr. Shah is the Distinguished Professor of Pediatric Emergency Medicine and the Only Indian Faculty whose Achievements and Portrait Stand in the SUNY Downstate Hall of Fame.

Dr. Mandakini Prakash Amte (2017) from the Lok Biradari Prakalp, Maharashtra for her lifetime efforts in improving the lives of tribal citizens. Dr. MandakiniAmte has spent her whole life in the deep jungles of Gadchiroli in Maharashtra and worked as a Physician to improve the health of these backward tribes.

FLAME Awards of Special Recognition:

The Female Leadership Academy for Medicine and Entrepreneurship Award is given to Female Health Leaders with extraordinary contributions to medicine and public health.

Dr. Kayla Laserson (2015) Country Director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in India for her Unconditional and Progressive support to the Development of Injury Sciences and Emergency Preparedness in India.

Dr. Fatimah Lateef (2016) Professor of EM at Singapore General Hospital and Member of Parliament Government of Singapore for her dedicated efforts towards developing Academic Emergency Medicine and Health Policy in Asia.

Dr. Samiddhi Samrakoon (2016) Director of National Hospital Sri Lanka for her nation building leadership in forging Trauma and Emergency Care in Sri Lanka.

Dr. Sharmila Anand (2017) Director of Santosh University for her nation building initiatives for skills development in India.

INDUSEM Special Awards of Academic Leadership:

Dr. Manu Ayyan and Dr. Vimal Rohan (2017) for their work on recognition of Emergency Medicine training programs by the Government of India.

Recognition Instituted in 2016

Awards Night Speaker of the Year:

Mr. Kuntal Joisher (2016) The First Vegan to Scale Mount Everest: Mr. KuntalJoisher combines the distinction of being an avid and a passionate mountaineer as well as a high end computer science and an engineering professional. Joisher is the first Vegan to stand on the very top of Mt. Everest. Joisher is also an accomplished photographer and his work has been featured in the National Geographic, BBC Earth, The Outdoor Journal, and several other magazines across the world. He spoke inspiringly on the topic of “Each One has to climb his/her own EVEREST”

Dr. Prakash Baba Amte and Dr. Mandakini Prakash Amte (2017): : They are Physicians andsocial workers from Maharashtra, India. Younger son of Magsaysay awardee Baba Amte. He and his wife, Dr. Mandakini Amte, were awarded the Magsaysay Award for ‘Community Leadership in 2008 for their philanthropic work in the form of the Lok Biradari Prakalp amongst the Madia Gondsin Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra and the neighboring states of Telangana and Madhya Pradesh.

INDO-US Health and Medicine Hall of Fame

The INDO-US Health and Medicine Hall of Fame honors and celebrates those innovators, inventors, physicians, nurses, public health experts and Health Care Leaders whose achievements have advanced the quality of life for patients in our nations and across the world.

The INDO-US Health and Medicine Hall of Fame encourages experts in all fields of medicine to strive toward the betterment of the care for patients and the health of the community through continuous, path breaking innovation.


Dr. Bonnie Arquilla (2015) from the City of New York Disaster Preparedness Center at SUNY Downstate enters the Hall of fame For Development of the Field of Disaster Health across the world. Instrumental in contributing effectively to the development of Academic Emergency Medicine and Disaster Education in India.

Awards Process:

The Honorees are to be selected through a rigorous process which is open to all leaders and innovators across the world in the field of Health and Medicine. Nominees elected to the INDO-US Health & Medicine Hall of Fame are inducted at an illustrious ceremony, where their works are recognized and they are honored for their impact on the community.

To be nominated for the AWARDS or be inducted to the HALL OF FAME please Contact:

Required Documents in PDF via Email:

  • A Letter of Nomination clearly mentioning which award is being applied for written by a Physician/Researcher in a Leadership role such as Head of Department or Dean/Director/CEO who is good standing. This letter must reflect in detail the work of the nominee and why the nominee is deserving for the award.
  • The letter must elaborate on Impact of the individual’s work on science, the profession and humanity at large. In addition, the nomination should compare the candidate with other individuals with similar background.A statement saying please refer to the CV is unacceptable. There cannot be a self-nomination.
  • Complete curriculum vitae of the Nominee should be a part of one PDF.
  • Two supporting letters elaborating on evidence of their exceptional work from individuals in high standing in the nominee’s field are additionally needed. A statement saying please refer to the CV is unacceptable. There cannot be a self-nomination.
  • Winning an Award and Being Inducted into the Hall of Fame are different applications. Winning an award does not translate to be being inducted into the INDO-US Hall of Fame.


  • All letters & Resume must be received at the email account mentioned by May 31st 12:00 Midnight annually via e- mail.
  • Documents arriving after the deadline will not be honored.
  • The Awardees will be recognized at the Annual INDUSEM World Congress of Emergency Medicine held in India. Details will be communicated to the awardee.
  • is the website where details are updated regularly.