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Adding another page in its Progressive history INDUSEM Leaders led the founding of The American College of Academic International Medicine.

The First Constitutional Meeting of the College was held in Pennsylvania USA in 2016.

The Mission Statement of ACAIM States:

  • To promote the mission of Academic International Medicine (AIM) professionals in the United States and beyond.
  • To promote clinical, educational and scientific collaboration of AIM professionals, both domestically and globally.
  • To create a platform for domestic and global coordination of academic, clinical and educational efforts involving AIM professionals.
  • To educate, generate and publish new knowledge, create relevant guidelines, and assist policymaking in the area of international medicine.
  • To standardize processes and objective measurements of academic and clinical productivity associated with the participation of U.S. AIM professionals in international endeavors.
    • ACAIM is An opportunity to associate and collaborate with top experts in the area of Academic International Medicine (AIM)
    • ACAIM is an unique, discipline-independent forum for exchange of information and experiences between AIM enthusiasts and professionals
    • ACAIM Members have a chance to become a part of something special, a one-of-a-kind community of like-minded people who focus on sustainable development of international medical outreach with emphasis on academics, education, and skills development
    • ACAIM supports Academic International Medicine, both in the US and abroad

“ACAIM is the voice of Academic American Physicians working internationally. The Founding of ACAIM is a defining step in the organized medicine sector of the United States. INDUSEM is committed to supporting the growth of ACAIM. The work accomplished by INDUSEM mirrors the ideology and principles on which ACAIM is founded.” said INDUSEM CEO and ACAIM Executive Director Dr. Sagar Galwankar.

The Second ACAIM Academic International Medicine Congress will be held at Tampa, Florida, USA from 28th July to 20th July 2017.

For More Information: www.acaim.org


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