INDUS Network of Critical Illness and Injury Translational Trial Experts

The 7th Annual Meeting of the INDUS Network of Critical Illness and Injury Translational Trial Experts (INCIITTE) will be held at as part of WACEM2017.

Translational Research is the need of the hour. The world is looking to take science from Benchside to Bedside and Beyond.

Across the world there is a separatist ideology will Basic Scientist, Clinical Researchers and Public Health Investigators do not work together on innovation. The result is that ideas get restricted to the boundaries of laboratories or clinics or communities.

INCIITTE is an effort to boost translational research in Medicine focusing on the area of Critical Illness and Injury and working to bring together Basic Scientists, Clinicians and Public Health experts for the benefit of translational science.

Various Researchers are encouraged to submit ideas at the INCIITTE meeting out of which few ideas are selected and encouraged to be formatted and get funded in order to promote research in Critical Illness and Injury Science in India.

Over 100 ideas were submitted and the Top 10 which were selected for being coached for funding were:

  1. Relation of Immuno-inflammatory, Biochemical and Genetic (Mitochondrial Gene Polymorphism) Markers with Outcome of Patients presenting with Acute Heart Failure with and without Cardiogenic Shock  
  2. To Study the role of NF-kB and cytokines mRNA expression in pulmonary trauma associated with abdominal trauma for post-injury organ dysfunction & Sepsis.
  3. Developing and Testing a Trauma Care Model in Remote Rural Health Care Centers
  4. Immunological , Neuroendocrinal, Coagulopathic  Correlates pre and Post Blood and Blood Products Transfusion in Trauma Shock-Sepsis
  5. Endocrinal Markers and Cytokine Correlates of Hyperglycemia Pre versus Post, Intensive versus Regular Correction in Trauma Sepsis Patients
  6. Osteogenic Immunology to Predict Healing Time in Polytrauma to Extremity Bones
  7. Flutemide Injections to Modify Estrogen Effects post Trauma Shock and study of cytokine Polymorphism
  8. Immunological and Neuro chemical cum coagulopathic responses pre and post anti snake venoms in snake bite trauma victims
  9. Proteonomics of Kidney Injury in Post Trauma Shock in Children
  10. Mapping the Immunological markers and their relation to cognitive deficits in children with or without head injury presenting with or without shock.
    • The call for ideas is hereby announced. The last date to submit your idea is 31st August 2017. Please note that you need to be registered for the Summit in order to submit an idea.
    • To Submit a Research Idea please email your idea in the format mentioned below to
    • Please mention your Summit Registration Number or Proof of Registration via Scanned copy attached to the email.

Name of the Investigator Title:

Name of Co-Investigators

Name of Institution or Institutions

Name of Department or Departments

Research Idea:

  1. Hypothesis
  2. Background for the Hypothesis
  3. Materials and Methods Plan
  4. Data  Analysis and Data Management Plan
  5. Estimated Budget
  6. Estimated Time Line
  7. Future Directions from your Idea