• INDUSEM is born as an Intercontinental Institutional Partnership Initiative based on a Non Colonial Model. Founded by Emergency Physicians from AIIMS, New Delhi and University of South Florida Emergency Medicine in USA, INDUSEM got the support of the Emergency Departments and Faculty from State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center and Baroda Medical College. INDUSEM Got Seed Grants from Drs. Kiran and Pallavi Patel Foundation for Global Understanding, Drs. Rita & Kishore Ahuja Charities and Dr. Chandresh Saraiya Charities. The Focus of INDUSEM is to Advance Patient Centered Initiatives in Education, Research and Care using Institutions of Learning in Health and Medicine across the World.
  • First INDUSEM Summit @ AIIMS New Delhi


  • The Academic Council for Emergency Traumatology (ACET) Founded Focused on Developing Academic Models for Emergency and Trauma Care.
  • TEAMS The Newsletter Inaugurated
  • Second INDUSEM Summit @ AIIMS New Delhi


  • Entrepreneurship, Management & Technology Enhancement Center for Health (EMTECH) Inaugurated to advance Education Programs and Advancing Technology in Emergency Care.
  • INDUSEM Begins Academic Activities with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Indian Council for Medical Research
  • Translational Research in Emergencies, Trauma and Shock launched in India and ICMR creates a New Section on the same.
  • Third INDUSEM Summit @ Nehru Center, Mumbai


  • The Journal of Emergencies, Trauma and Shock Inaugurated
  • “Developing Academic Emergency Medicine in India” Landmark White Paper Published which laid the benchmarks for developing an Academic Training Program in EM in India.
  • Fourth INDUSEM Summit @ AJ Institute of Medical Sciences, Mangalore, Karnataka


  • Medical Council of India Recognizes Emergency Medicine as a Post Graduate Specialty
  • The INDO-US Academic Research Cooperative (INDUS-ARC) began as a Multi Centered Research Network between Institutions of Patient Care and Education.
  • First Annual INDO-US Review Course in Emergency Medicine Conducted.
  • Fifth INDUSEM Summit @ PSG Institute of Medical Sciences, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.


  • Academic College of Emergency Experts Founded to Build a Guild of Quality Emergency Physician Leaders
  • INDUSEM Joins OPUS12 to create the largest Research Network in the World.
  • Sixth INDUSEM Summit @ Baroda Medical College, Vadodara, Gujarat


  • Academy for Clinical Emergency Nursing in India Founded to Build a Guild of Quality Emergency Nursing Leaders
  • INDUS Network for Critical Illness and Injury Translational Trials Network Launched.
  • INDUSEM Joins AIIMS in Hosting the World Congress of Emergency and Critical Ultrasound in New Delhi, India.
  • AIIMS Advance Ultrasound in Trauma and Life Support (AUTLS) Course was created.
  • INDUSEM Partners to host the Annual (CEUTEH) Cost Effective Use of Technology in E-Healthcare Congress
  • Seventh INDUSEM Summit @ AIIMS, New Delhi


  • Emergency Medicine Council for Residency Departments in India (EMCORD-INDIA) launched which brought all the MCI Recognized Emergency Medicine Residency Programs together.
  • Eighth INDUSEM Summit @ Nashik, Maharashtra


  • National Board of Examinations Approves Post Graduate Training Program in Emergency Medicine.
  • ACEE Launches the Emergency Pediatrics Initiative.
  • The landmark Paper”Academic College of Emergency Experts in India’s INDO-US Joint Working Group (JWG) White Paper on the Integrated Emergency Communication Response Service in India: Much more than just a number!” Published which laid the foundation for the Universal Emergency Number in India
  • Ninth INDUSEM Summit @ Jubilee Mission Medical College and Research Institute, Thrissur, Kerala.


  • 2014 Was a Landmark yearwhen INDUSEM began its 10th Anniversary Celebrations.
  • Two Landmark Policy Papers were published on Trauma Sciences and Guidelines to set up an Academic Emergency Department in India.
  • International Council for Critical Emergency Sonography Founded to bring Academic Emergency Sonologists across the world into a common network.
  • JeevanJyotiRashtriyaAbhiyan and Jan Suraksha Abhiyan Launched. A national Community Wide Initiative for Life Support Education and Injury Prevention Awareness.
  • INDUSEM joins hands with Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow to develop Management Initiatives in Health Administration to advance patient care.
  • Tenth INDUSEM Summit @ King George Medical University, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh


  • BAPIO-UK Relationship Formalized.
  • PRADHAN-BHARTI Policy & Advocacy Center Inaugurated.
  • INDUSEM Postal Stamped Philatelic Cover Released by Government of India Commemorating 10 Years of INDUSEM Mission.
  • Female Leadership Academy for Medicine & Entrepreneurship – FLAME launched.
  • The Emergency Medicine Association was Born.
  • INDUSEM Academicians ink the White Paper on Developing Academic Departments and Training Programs in Pediatric Emergency Medicine.
  • INDUSEM-OPUS12 Launch the International Journal of Academic Medicine.
  • INDUSEM Joins hands with World Health Organization to advance the Emergency Medicine and Road Safety Agenda in Asia.
  • The Annual INDO-US Review Course in Emergency Medicine now incorporated by National Board of Examinations becomes the National Emergency Medicine Board Review of India Course (NEMBRIC)
  • INDUSEM Awards Launched
  • INDUSEM Summit Upgraded to being the World Academic Congress of Emergency Medicine held @ AIIMS, New Delhi


  • INDUSEM Leaders winAcademic Awards at National and International Level
  • INDUSEM Leaders get appointed to AcademicLeadership Position at their Institutions.
  • International Sonography Mission Spreads to Middle East, Europe, United States and South East Asia.
  • INDUSEM Leaders get multiple research and innovation grants including the NIH Research Grant Award.
  • INDUSEM-OPUS12 Ink a Global PubMed Indexed Multi-Journal Operating agreement under “Alliance for Science” Program.
  • INDUSEM partners with National Accreditation Board of Hospitals and HealthCare providers (NABH) to bring the EMERALD Quality Certification Program for Emergency Departments in India.
  • INDUSEM Leaders Join hands to host the World Trauma Congress at AIIMS New Delhi in India.
  • INDUSEM and The Academic College of Emergency Experts sign Memoranda of Understanding with Academy of Family Physicians of India and the Institute of Road Traffic Education to expand the Education and Research programs in Prevention and Care for patients in Primary Care Settings and Communities.
  • INDUSEM spearheads the founding of the World Academic Council For Emergency Medicine (WACEM)
  • INDUSEM World Academic Congress of EM held @ St Johns Academy of Health Sciences, Bengaluru, India.


  • ICCES workshops and skill schools held across the world including Dubai, Canada and Thailand.
  • Landmark Consensus Guidelines on Management of Low Risk Chest Pain in Emergency Departments and Management of Pediatric Fever in the ED published in PubMed Indexed Journals of INDUSEM, Indian Academy of Pediatrics and Journal of the Indian College of Cardiology.
  • MOU signed with Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine.
  • EMINDIA National Conference of Emergency Medicine launched by the Academic College of Emergency Experts and The Emergency Medicine Association.
  • Multiple Public Health Programs on Community Preparedness and Injury Prevention held across India.
  • Indian Leaders spoke and participated at multiple International Conferences outside India. They also wrote book chapters and lead independent initiatives across India to forward Emergency Medicine.
  • INDUSEM supports the 2nd Annual Academic International Medicine Congress at Clearwater Florida. AIM2017 was the official meeting of the American College of Academic International Medicine.
  • INDUSEM Patrons Dr. Kiran Patel and Dr. Pallavi Patel commit 200 Million USD to set up a Medical School in USA.
  • INDUSEM Leader Dr. Deepak Agrawal creates world first Miniature Ventilator called VIRAT©
  • The World Academic Congress of Emergency Medicine was held in Colombo Sri Lanka.


  • INDUSEM restructured as an ACEE-INDIA Initiative.
  • Various State Chapters of The Emergency Medicine Association Inaugurated.
  • Leaders of EMA won International Awards for their work in Medicine.
  • INDUSEM Facilitated the Founding of the Organized Medicine Academic Guild of India with all Professional Clinical Medical and Surgical Societies/Associations in India.
  • EMINDIA National Conference of Emergency Medicine was held in The Prime Ministers Constituency of Varanasi at the Banaras Hindu University.
  • Multiple Public Health Programs on Community Preparedness and Injury Prevention held across India.
  • Indian Leaders spoke and participated at multiple International Conferences outside India. They also wrote book chapters and lead independent initiatives across India to forward Emergency Medicine.
  • The World Health Organization awarded AIIMS News Delhi with a Status of a WHO Collaborating Center on Emergency and Trauma Care under the Leadership of Professor. Sanjeev Bhoi.
  • INDUSEM supports the 3rd Annual Academic International Medicine Congress at New York.
  • The 4th World Academic Congress of Emergency Medicine was held in Doha, Qatar.