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Emergency Medicine Association (EMA) leaders Dr. Ajith Venugopalan and Dr. Rajesh K. represented India at The Colombo International Trauma Conference (CITC) 2018, held on 6th& 7th September, 2018 at The National Hospital of Srilanka. Dr. Ajith Venugopalan was invited as the Course Director for the program.

The theme of the conference was “Evolution of Trauma Care Facing Revolution”.

Emergency Medicine Association (EMA) India joined hands with our Colleagues from Sri Lanka and the department of Emergency Medicine, MOSC Medical College Hospital, Kolenchery, Kerala, India as the academic partners for the conference.

The session was inaugurated by Dr. Kumara Wickramasinghe (Deputy Director General, NHSL), Dr. Ajith Venugopalan, (Head, Emergency Medicine, MOSC Medical College Hospital, Kolenchery, Kerala, India & the National EM residency coordinator, Emergency Medicine Association, India & the Course Director), Dr.Samiddhi Samarakoon (Deputy Director, Accident & Orthopaedic Services, NHSL), Mrs. MBS Samanmali (Director – Nursing, NHSL), Dr. Rajesh K (Assistant Professor &Incharge head, Dept. of Emergency Medicine, Sri Devrajurs Institute of Medical Sciences and Research centre, Kolar, Karnataka, India & the Undersecretary, EMA Andra Pradesh, India), Ms. Deepani Karunarath (CNO, NHSL), Ms. Pushpa Zoysa (National Co-ordinator – Training, President, A & E Nurses Association – Srilanka).

CITC was a major academic event with invited faculty from India, Canada and Japan.

The  conference is organized with the objective of providing a common platform to share knowledge in all aspects of trauma care and sharing Sri Lankan experience and expertise in this field with international community.The 2 day event had interactive lectures and hands on workshops. The event was well received by the delegates who were active throughout the event, with huge participation from the A & E nurses.

The review and the feedback of the event was really encouraging.The organisers and the delegated acknowledged the efforts put in by Dr. Rajesh K as resource person and Dr.Ajith Venugopalan as resource person and Course Director. According to the delegates this training helped in learning and updating their knowledge as well as skills and would help in creating a uniform system in trauma assessment and stabilisation in the emergency room in Srilanka. The support lent by the Emergency Medicine Association (EMA) India were highly appreciated.

About the EMA Leaders

About Dr. Ajith Venugopalan MBBS, MD(EM), FACEE, FICM

Dr.AjithVenugopalan is the Head, Department of Emergency Medicine at MOSC Medical College Hospital, Kolenchery, Ernakulam, Kerala. He has been a faculty in many national and international conferences. He has published articles in various indexed journals. He was also a co-author for few handbooks related to emergency medicine. His special area of interest is Pre-hospital medicine and Disaster Medicine.Dr.Ajith is also the National EM Residency Program Coordinator, Emergency Medicine Association (EMA) of India.

About Dr. Rajesh K. MBBS, MD (EM)

Dr. Rajesh K is the Assistant Professor & Incharge head, Dept. of Emergency Medicine, Sri Devrajurs Institute of Medical Sciences and Research centre, Kolar, Karnataka, India & the Undersecretary, EMA Andra Pradesh, India. He has published articles in indexed journals. His special area of interest is pre-hospital care and trauma care.

About EMA

The Emergency Medicine Association was founded in 2015 during the INDUSEM2015 World Congress of Academic Emergency Medicine in New Delhi. EMA is the Official voice of competent Emergency Experts. Working towards provision of quality emergency care The EMA is an organized Guild of Emergency Leaders in Health and Medicine. Focused on Developing, Practicing and Progressing Emergency Medicine. EMA has a strong relation with partner organizations, individuals and institutions across the world. The EMA boasts of a strong DNA with its relationships which are geared towards potentiating growth. EMA has the support of the INDO-US Emergency and Trauma Collaborative, the Academic College of Emergency Experts in India and the Academic for Clinical Emergency Nursing in India. For More Information : www.emaindia.net


The INDUSEM mission is to envision and implement the future of Patient Care across the world. The partnership brings together Expert Educators, Inquisitive Innovators and Physicians supporting Safe Patient Care across India, United States and the World. INDUSEM is the Top International Partnership across the World and brings together Institutions, Individuals and Initiatives focused on improving patient care globally. Till date INDUSEM has reached over 50,000 Experts and its reach continues to grow daily. For more information visit  www.indusem.org