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INDUSEM-ACEE partners with BAPIO & NHS (UK) to Advance Quality EM

To advance quality Emergency Medical Care for patients in India and to enable exposure to developed Emergency Medical Systems for Indian Emergency Physicians, INDUSEM has partnered with the British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO) and the Heart of England NHS Trust (HEFT) to bring an International Training Initiative (ITI).

ACEE-BAPIO-NHS partnered ITI will be a gateway to take competent trained Emergency Physicians of India and provide them advance mentored training in Emergency Medical Practice in the Emergency Medical Systems of UK.

Emergency Medicine as a specialty is new to India and much of the scientific evidence and technical inputs are derived from literature produced in developed Emergency Medical Systems of UK USA and Australia. India with population of billions needs an experienced work force to create such tenacious systems.

The United Kingdom NHS has worked with BAPIO & HEFT to create these Advance Training Clinical Positions at their hospitals. It has come forward to join hands with INDUSEM. The Emergency Medicine Association, and The Academic College of Emergency Experts to create this unique INDUSEM-UK Clinical Training Initiative also called International Training Initiative.

“Inking a New Page in the Academic History of Medicine in India today this initiative opens the doors for bridging the gap between Academic Training and Quality Patient Care. Working in Developed EM Systems of UK will provide the much needed exposure to aspiring Young Emergency Physicians of India, who on their return to India will further the growth of Quality Emergency Patient Care. I commend the hard work of our colleagues in BAPIO and the Leadership at HEFT to create this landmark initiative which will strength health relations at a Global Level” said INDUSEM CEO and Chairman of the ACEE Dr. Sagar Galwankar.

ACEE Dean Dr. Praveen Agarwal and ACEE Treasurer recognized the leadership of Dr. Joydeep Grover, Dr. Himanshu Kataria and BAPIO President Dr. Mehta whose untiring efforts lead to this historic initiative.

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The INDUSEM mission is to envision and implement the future of Patient Care across the world. The partnership brings together Expert Educators, Inquisitive Innovators and Physicians supporting Safe Patient Care across India, United States and the World. INDUSEM is the Top International Partnership across the World and brings together Institutions, Individuals and Initiatives focused on improving patient care globally. Till date INDUSEM has reached over 50,000 Experts and its reach continues to grow daily. For more information, visit www.indusem.org

About ACEE

The Academic College of Emergency Experts was established by Leaders of INDUSEM to create a guild of expert clinicians who are have a mastery at providing safe patient care with high quality therapeutics based on latest evidence based medicine. The only Unique College in Asia ACEE only bestows affiliation after a rigorous coaching and testing process hereby maintaining its high standards of commitment to education and excellence. It surpasses the erstwhile ideology of existing academic colleges where affiliation is based on recommendation. The College offers its Fellowship in various areas of Emergency Medicine, Emergency Pediatrics. Toxicology, Emergency Nursing etc. For More Information. Visit www.acee-india.org


British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO) BAPIO is the most influential organization of doctors of Indian Origin in UK. The collaboration is to ensure the training of doctors from India is of good standard and they are provided appropriate support during their stay in UK. It will include at least 3 month induction in India (based on joining Fellowship Program of Academic College of Emergency Experts). BAPIO will provide support in Induction in India/UK and mentoring and supervision in UK with its Indian and UK partners

About The Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust (HEFT)

The Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust which encompasses Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, Good Hope Hospital, Solihull Hospital and Community Services across Solihull serves one of the largest populations of any NHS Trust. Our community is socially and ethnically amongst the most diverse to be found within the UK. This diversity is reflected in our team. The Emergency Medicine Directorate of Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust runs 2 Emergency Departments at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital and Good Hope Hospital in addition we run a Minor Injuries Unit at Solihull Hospital. Please Visit: www.heartofengland.nhs.uk