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INDUSEM Leader Dr. Vivek Chauhan, MD, FACEE addresses the Abhiyan Chalaks (Foot Soldiers of the Movement)

Jeevan Jyoti Rashtriya Abhiyan’ and ‘Jan Suraksha Abhiyan’ reaches the Hills of Himachal !

Himachal Pradesh is the 12th state in the country where this Abhiyan has been initiated. The need for such a program was badly felt by the doctors and the common men in this hilly state where people have to deal with a tough terrain and harsh living conditions. Disasters witnessed by people in Himachal are somewhat different from the other parts of the country which include cloudbursts and landslides during monsoons, blocked roads due to excessive snowfall and winter fires, road accidents, vehicles falling into gorges from where it is very difficult to extricate people. Most of the Himachal falls under the seismic zone and has a danger of earthquakes. The training provided under this Abhiyan enables common men to provide immediate emergency medical care and life support before the help arrives.

Under the banner of INDUSEM, the ‘Jeevan Jyoti Abhiyan’ and ‘Jan Suraksha Abhiyan’ reached Himachal Hills lead by the INDUSEM Faculty Leaders from AIIMS New Delhi who trained more than 25O participants including doctors, nurses, medical and nursing students, retired army persons, Tibetan health workers from Dharamshala, volunteers from Chinmaya organization for rural development, college students & government school students.

Dr. V.M. Katoch, the Director General ICMR cum Secretary DHR, Government of India inaugurated the program at Dr. RPGMC Tanda. He said that our aim should be to deliver the advancements in medical science to the last mile, i.e. the end user sitting in the villages. He appreciated the idea of ‘Make in India’ given by Hon’ble Prime minister, where doctors should improvise and devise new methods for healthcare delivery that are relevant to the people in villages.

Dr. Sanjeev Bhoi, In chargeof Emergency Medicine, JPN ATC, AIIMS informed the gathering that Jeevan Jyoti Rashtriya Abhiyan’and ‘Jan Suraksha Abhiyan’ are programs that are ‘Made in India, by the Indians and for the Indians living in any corner of the country’.

To expand this Abhiyan to the rest of the state of Himachal, 10 instructors were also trained at Tanda under the leadership of INDUSEM Champion Dr. Vivek Chauhan, Assistant Professor, Medicine at Tanda who is also a Fellow of Academic College of Emergency Experts in India since 2012 and is actively involved in expansion of emergency medicine in Himachal Pradesh since then.

The ‘Jeevan Jyoti Rashtriya Abhiyan’ and ‘Jan Suraksha Abhiyan’ will soon be carried over as a mission to the rest of the state involving more and more of health care personnel and the other key stake holders like college students, police personnel, army personnel, NGOs and even the lay public. In the coming days, people of Himachal will gain a lot from this made in India Abhiyan……


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About Jeevan Jyoti Rashtriya Abhiyan and Jan Suraksha Abhiyan:

Championed by INDUSEM Leaders the JeevanJyotiRashtriyaAbhiyan and Jan Suraksha Abhiyan is the Umbrella Flagship Initiative at the National Level which envisions to bring together all the individual local initiatives by NGO, Local Bodies and Organizations to prepare the communities and citizens of India towards preventing injuries, leading a safer lifestyle and responding to emergencies when being in an emergency situation. Inaugurated by the Honorable Governor of Uttar Pradesh His Excellency Shri. Ram Naik, the RashriyaAbhiyans are now functioning across States of India. For more information, visit here