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The Floods in Kerala have disrupted the environment, destroyed the infrastructure and lives and homes of the people across the state.

The Government of India and Indian have responded with power and passion to take care of Kerala and its citizens.

Supporting this mission are INDUSEM-EMA Leaders who are working 24/7 at Emergency Departments and on locations in Kerala to make sure affected patients are cared for. Their reports are being clocked in as they work hand in hand with the Government of India, The National Disaster Relief Force and the Government of Kerala.

I would like to share the words of Prof. Jayaraj who with his EM Department team from Manipal Academy of Higher Education Karnataka State is stationed in Kerala State mounting a 24/7 Response.

I will also share few pictures posted by him.

Prof Jayaraj writes….

“Chengannoor has lost most of its freshwater sources as Wells have the silt from the dam and riverbanks got poured and settled in them as waters recede. Now the task is also pumping the clay like silt which will block the flow in of groundwater into wells. They are worried how long they will have to depend on the supplies of bottled water and when this supply will stop. Another issue is people have to be using stagnant waters for cleaning their houses and cooking utensils.

In the areas were the water has dried up has got the silt which has dried up into respirable dust. Already there are many cases of acutely exacerbated lung disease. But this is something we have to be worried about.

Now people have started making small neighborhood groups and started cooking their on food for the daytime as they are cleaning. Many of them go to their home and clean and come back to camp for night. Many houses have structural damage partial collapse and a few old weak ones have been completely collapsed. The view is cross-sectional however the same has happened in all the submerged areas. Unaffected areas are not having any problem Andy all the issues were because of a situation were dams had to be opened up suddenly.

There has been good amount of resources poured in and flood relief camps did a fantastic job. There are no major outbreaks reported yet except for a few cases of chickenpox which is probably settling now. There are no food borne and water borne illnesses and leptospirosis as of now and still have to be prepared for that. People are getting doxycycline prophylaxis for leptospirosis with a once a week doses. Even though it is too early to comment so far it seems to be a great strategy.

There had been instances where there were human animal conflicts like dog bites and snake bites but in manageable numbers.

However, non-flood related routine cases which are already there may get a bit delayed care because of the resource focus is the flood victims which is normal for disaster times.

Our Team of Doctors from Department of emergency medicine from #KasturbaMedicalCollegeManipal has continued presence in the floor from 23rd night augmenting resources and taking care of cases especially the ones who are sicker. Posting a few pics from The ground. The common man on the floor is not completely broken and is resilient and thankful to all who reached out and help. It will take at least 30 days for them to completely reorganize and more to settle back to normal.”

Dr. Sagar Galwankar CEO of INDUSEM Stated “INDUSEM Leaders are Passionate Patriots who will uphold the flag of Legitimate Emergency Medicine. They have glorified The New Year Celebrations of Onam and Celebrated Raksha Bandhan with the nation when they continue to serve 24/7 in Kerala. I proud of the team and Honored and touched with all the efforts of my leaders in Kerala and India – God Bless Them, God Bless Kerala and Everyone Else”


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